Your company is in a state of upheaval? New sales and distribution channels are necessary? Your customer service should be extended and / or modernized? Internal processes are put to the test and are to be (partly) automated? Are you looking for a competent partner who can advise you on all these strategic issues? Your search has been successfully completed!

The way we communicate changes continuously. Internal employees are no longer working in one place only, and the field staff must be mobile and optimally equipped. Customers want to decide when and how they want to get in contact with you. Customer service staff must always be able to grasp and, above all, solve problems, faster and more competent. More and more soft skills are required. Change management is a must!

For more than 20 years, I have been providing advice and assistance to well-known companies in precisely these tasks. Whether process optimization in customer service, the expansion of new communication channels, the simplification of platform architectures, the switch from on-premise to cloud solutions, all of this can be discussed and implemented through workshops or consulting mandates.

Our offer for you:

Consultancy – UC & CC Architecture, process optimization, expansion of communication channels, defining a centralization and/or cloud strategy

Interims Management & Coaching – sales management, expansion of sales channels

Web Design & Social Media – WordPress, Facebook & Co.

Workshops in the areas of

  • process optimization and (partial) automization
  • team building
  • creativity & innovation
  • leadership
  • design thinking
  • change management

We would be pleased to arrange a non-binding consultation date and let us work to expand your business success.

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