When I wrote that article more than 2 years ago (Contact Management Magazine, Heft 03/2015), the buzz word in the Contact Center scene was “Omnichannel”. Multichannel in customer service was out as it meant to have text based channels in addition to voice, but all as silo technology. Omnichannel combined all channels and it should even be possible to switch between these during an ongoing conversation, e.g. to start with a text chat and to escalate this to a video chat.

Reality shows that this still is not implemented in most of the customer service installations, even if it is not a technical problem. The biggest hurdles are the business processes behind. Also not every agent who is an expert in text chat can easily do video …

The new buzz word nowerdays is AI (Artificial Intelligence) which should solve all problems in customer service. Almost every exhibitor at CCW 2018 in Berlin shows the one or the other solution with its portfolio. Contact handling times will be shortened, First Contact Resolution rates will increase and resources/agents will be free to handle more complex tasks. At least this is the theory and I´m curious whether this time the business processes behind will be ready to support this wonderful technology.

Meet you all in Berlin end of Februay at CCW !

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