This article was published by INTRE magazine in 2011. It is very interesting reading it almost 7 years later and to find out that not much has changed in the meantime. Of course data security made tremendous progress and cloud computing itself got commodity. We all (are forced to) use Office 365 type of applications. So software as a service (SaaS) we use on a daily basis and we all are used to pay periodly fees for their usage rather than a one time price for buying it. However, especially in communication and even more in contact center solutions I haven´t seen any major step forward as most enterprise implementations still are on premise. An exception may be implementations with more than 5.000 seats and distributed locations. Here we can see a trend at least to private cloud services. Not really the reinvention of the wheel but at least a first (small) step in the right direction.

I´m curios how this will have changed when I read that article again in another 7 years …..

To view the full article, just click on the image or here.

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