“SWITCH ON„ is the accompanying theme of the next edition of TEDxGdynia. It’s a motto that encourages action, learning and development. Therefore each speaker of TEDxGdynia will present a different approach to education: from learning from someone else’s mistakes, through by gamification, pertinaticy, to volunteering – at school, after school hours and as far as possible from its walls.
This year’s TEDxGdynia will become a space in the participants will discover new perspectives and find inspiration to take actions. It will be the opportunity to meet people who implement the main theme “switch on/ turn on” in various fileds – in business, science, and supporting others.

… and we are very proud to announce that Oktawia will be one of the nominated experts and speakers at the event. For more information click here: TEDxGdynia

Oktawia Gorzeńska

Educational innovator

Oktawia is an activist, educational innovator, coach, headmistress of General Secondary School No. 17 in Gdynia and a changemaker. At TEDxGdynia she’s going to talk about the fact that Polish school and education systems need changes. She’s going to argue that everyone can have an impact by joining the actions.

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